Ideas and Insights

  • AI in health care has enormous potential to improve the quality of living and reduce overall health costs
  • AI its strength is its weakness: very small and sometimes undetectable ‘noise’ to the human eye or composition is decisive in classifying an image
  • It is quite normal in human interaction to explain why and/or why not.
  • If AI is to be integrated into health care, the AI must not just tell what it ‘thinks’ is the answer, the AI must also tell how it came to its ‘conclusion; the “AI-lineage” of the algorithm. Clearly pointing out the area that is different. Preferably backed up with known cases that have similar deviations, and cases with the absence of the deviations.

  • Incremental changes do not necessarily get the best solution if you're in the wrong part of the solution space
  • Criteria, even incomplete, can help to identify wrong parts of the solution space
  • Criteria can help help to point towards right parts of the solution space
  • Criteria can help to channel creativity to find a proper part in the solution space